How do teams qualify for the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Championships?

NCAA Regional tournaments determine the NCAA Championship fields.

It’s that time of year and the college golf postseason is upon us. The month of May means “championship season” for the college golf world. All the hard work from the fall season, winter off-season, spring tournaments and conference championships culminate with the NCAA Regional tournaments and the respective NCAA Championships. If you’re an aspiring college golfer, you’ll want to follow these tournaments to learn more about the college golf post-season events.

The NCAA DI Women’s Championship field will be determined by four 54-hole NCAA Regional competitions (May 7-9). Each region will host 18 teams and six individuals not otherwise on those qualifying teams. The low six teams and three individuals (not on a qualifying team) will advance to the NCAA Championships from each of the four regions. The Women’s Regional Championships will be filled by twenty-eight conference champions as well as 44 teams and 24 individuals (that are not on those teams playing in the four regional championships) selected “at-large” based on various selection criteria (e.g. NCAA/Golfstat ranking, head-to-head results, head-to-head stroke differential, results versus common opponents, overall won-lost record, adjusted scoring average and strength of schedule).

In Division I Men’s golf, the road to the finals begins with six NCAA Regional Championships (May 13-16), with the top 5 teams and the low individual not on those advancing teams from each regional qualifying advancing to the national championship (three regions will have 13 teams and three regions will have 14 teams). Thirty-one teams will receive automatic bids to NCAA Regionals by virtue of winning their conference championship and an additional 50 teams will be selected “at large” by various selection criteria (e.g. NCAA/Golfstat ranking, head-to-head results, stroke differential, results versus common opponents, overall won-lost record and strength of schedule). There will also be 45 individuals that are otherwise not on a participating team that will be selected to compete at the Regional Championships.

The NCAA DI Women’s and Men’s Championships will take place in back-to-back weeks at Karsten Creek Golf Club in Stillwater, OK with the women competing May 18-23 and the men May 25-30. Both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Championships will have 132 players in each field. All participants will play 54 holes of stroke play with the top 15 teams and nine individuals (not on a qualifying team) advancing for an additional 18 holes of stroke play to determine the top eight teams for match-play and the 72-hole NCAA Individual stroke-play champions. The top eight teams will be seeded and then placed into a bracket. In the match play format, each match will consist of five individual matches (lineup is determined by each respective coach) with each 18-hole match worth one point (no ties). Once a team has won three individual matches, that team will move on to the next round of match play until a team champion is crowned.

This match play format has created a great following for college golf fans and both the Division I Men’s and Women’s National Championships are annually aired on the Golf Channel. For any player interested in college golf, this is must see TV! In addition to the Division I Championships, there are also National Championships for Division II and III as well as the NAIA. The following is a complete listing of all the college golf National Championships in Division I, II, III and NAIA:

  • May 8-11 Division III Women’s National Championship @ Mission Hills Resort GC - Howey-in-the-Hills, FL
  • May 15-18 Division III Men’s National Championship @ Grandover Resort - Greensboro, NC
  • May 15-18 NAIA Men’s Championships @ TPC Deere Run - Silvis, IL
  • May 16-19 Division II Women’s National Championship @ Bay Oaks CC - Houston, TX
  • May 18-23 Division I Women’s National Championship @ Karsten Creek - Stillwater, OK
  • May 21-25 Division II Men’s National Championship @ The Shoals Golf Club - Muscle, AL
  • May 22-25 NAIA Women’s Championship @ PGA National - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • May 25-30 Division I Men’s National Championship @ Karsten Creek - Stillwater, OK

In addition to watching the Division I Men’s and Women’s Championships on the Golf Channel, you can follow all of the various championship results live at Golfstat.

Enjoy the championship college golf season!

Keep swinging!

Ted Gleason
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