Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help viewers and members with any questions they may have regarding Junior Golf Scoreboard and the services we offer.

This list will be updated frequently with the most asked questions, so check back often!

If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

About the Junior Golf Scoreboard

What is the Junior Golf Scoreboard? Who are we?

The Junior Golf Scoreboard is an information service created in 1998 by New Business Associates, Inc. located in Richmond, VA. In cooperation with BizNet and Synigent Technologies we have created what we hope is a valuable resource for junior golfers and everyone interested in competitive junior golf. We will gladly provide references upon request.

Who created the Junior Golf Scoreboard and why?

The Junior Golf Scoreboard was created by a group of parents whose children have been involved in all levels of junior golf, from local competitions to the U. S. Junior Amateur and AJGA events, and most of whom have gone on to play golf at the college level. The founders of the Junior Golf Scoreboard saw a real opportunity to help junior golfers market themselves, find tournaments more easily and assess their playing skills against other junior golfers without necessarily having to travel all over the country.

Why do you charge for some areas of your website?

There are several reasons. In the case of our Golf and Academic Resumes, we want junior players to take their resume seriously and to be deliberate about the information they provide. In addition, there are expenses associated with providing this service, and the Golf and Academic Resume subscriptions help to offset some of our costs.

The same is true for our Rankings subscription and the access it provides to the more detailed content now available in the rankings. Many parents and junior players actually gave us the idea to provide this new content. As one parent wrote, "We really like being able to see this additional information, and the cost is well worth having you keep track of all my son's tournaments so that he can be ranked."

How many coaches are part of Coaches Corner?

We have more than 500 schools that use some part of Coaches Corner, either the free Basic Service or the Enhanced Data Service.

Is the Junior Golf Scoreboard a recruitment service?

While it is true that coaches use the Scoreboard as a recruitment tool, we are not the type of recruitment service that scouts and/or promotes individual players to coaches. We do not send unrequested or unsolicited resumes to colleges or make phone calls on a player's behalf. There are services that provide that kind of support and we will be glad to refer you to them.

Do you have any references?

Yes, we have personal references and references for the Junior Golf Scoreboard. If you would like more information, please contact us via e-mail or by phone (804-935-1800).

What about privacy, guarantees and refunds?

Please see our privacy policy that is posted throughout the website. The Junior Golf Scoreboard makes no guarantees, actual or implied, as to whether a junior golfer or his / her family who utilizes our resume service will be contacted, offered any level of scholarship and/or participation in a college-level golf program.

Our refund policy is very simple. We will refund to any unsatisfied customer any unused portion of a resume subscription, no questions asked.

Does the Junior Golf Scoreboard organize tournaments?

No. We do not organize tournaments. There are many junior golf tournament organizations. please use the pull down list under Tournaments on the menu to search for events in your area. Each event has contact information. We are a "clearinghouse" for their tournament listings and results, and we use those to compute our rankings.

How we do things

My son/daughter just played a large tournament with good players and their Strength of Field (SOF) did not change or got worse.

A player's SOF is not dependent only on their last tournament. We recalculate all the tournaments that are current when the rankings are re-done daily. Every tournament can change for these reasons:

  • Players in an event went and played worse or better in later events and that affects their previous tournaments
  • Players may have tournaments that aged off their one year record which changes their scoring differential which is used to calculate the SOF
  • Players in an event are no longer ranked and so are no longer included in a tournament's SOF calculation
  • Events are ranked relative to each other and other tournaments may have moved ahead of a certain event.

As one can see, the SOF number is very fluid or dynamic and has many factors that affect the calculation.

My child played in one or more tournaments listed on your site; why aren't they ranked?

We require all players to have played in at least four listed tournaments within the past 365 days in order to be ranked. As soon as four tournaments are credited to a player within this time frame, they are ranked automatically by our system. For a full description of how the Rankings work, click here.

Players must also play in groupings of no fewer than five (5) and play in age groups over 10 years of age. We do not post results of age groups under 10 (eff. 10/2009). Acceptable groups MUST have a minimum age of 10 years (9-11 would not be ranked).

Why aren't tournament results posted yet?

Tournament results are sent to us by persons involved with the tournament; we do not have this information automatically. While we do try to contact tournament personnel in order to get results sent, we cannot predict when we will receive specific tournament results.

What are the requirements for getting a tournament listed?

To be listed on the Junior Golf Scoreboard, a tournament must:

  1. Play 36 holes minimum,
  2. Be stroke play,
  3. Have a MINIMUM of five players complete 36 holes (age groupings of less than five will not be posted),
  4. Course yardage of at least 4,500 yards and not shorter than the forward most USGA-rated tees,
  5. No stroke limit rule in place.
    If combining different age groups together for an over-all winner, in addition to the above requirements:
  6. All players must play from the same tees at the same yardage,
  7. Re-pair in the final round,
  8. Declare an over-all winner (this can be in addition to individual group winners).