What coaches and experts are saying

"As I look at a ranking list for part of my research, a group of 10 or 20 players ranked together are basically the same talent, so I will always look at the player with a resume first. It's just easier for me. I have no idea why junior players and their families don't realize that."
- D-I Women's Golf Coach

"Start by knowing every junior player needs to prepare a golf and academic resume and send it early in the process of contacting a school. A resume also presents a polished image to a coach more than just an email."
- John Brooks - Red Numbers Golf (Going To College - Junior Golf Scoreboard)

"Junior Golf Scoreboard the most useful recruiting site I've ever used. I log into the Scoreboard at least a dozen times daily, more than Google. The reliable data posted on Junior Golf Scoreboard saves me hundreds of recruiting hours each year. Results are posted quickly and rankings are accurate to the talent we see on the course."
- D-I Golf Coach

"JGSB is an extremely valuable tool to my recruiting. It allows me to see and track every multi-day junior event in the country. It is also very helpful when the players have an up-to-date academic resume on the site. This allows me to get an idea if they will be a great fit as a potential student athlete!"
- D-III Golf Coach

"Recruiting can be a challenge especially when it comes to following junior golf and trying to identify the best players. For years we have relied on the Junior Golf Scoreboard as a recruiting tool. We use their Coaches Corner options virtually every week to find and follow potential recruits. The Junior Golf Scoreboard is our number one resource for tracking junior golf."
- D-I Golf Coach

Check out a recent article in USA Today Newspaper.

How to build and distribute an effective recruiting resume

There are over 1,200 colleges and junior colleges looking for players and they have done 114937 searches here on the Junior Golf Scoreboard.

With each school needing to recruit at least two players for both men's and women's teams, that means the schools need more than 3,500 players. As a result, there is virtually a spot for every junior golfer who wants to play golf.

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A one year Resume subscription is $175.00
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Why complete a Golf & Academic Resume:

  • Every junior golfer wanting to play college golf needs to have a resume (see quotes above)
  • Making it easy for a coach to know how to contact you is important
  • A resume is a good place to show other golf results such as USGA qualifiers, adult tournaments, and high school events
  • A resume gives a coach academic information they need to have – especially important for good academic performers
  • The Scoreboard Golf & Academic Resume is printable in two versions from a PDF – great as an attachment for an email or tournament applications.
  • Your resume is automatically kept up-to-date with your latest results
  • Every resume has options to control how and to whom it is shown
You will receive a sleeve of golf balls, large Junior Golf Scoreboard towel, personalized bag tag when your resume is approved

Here's a junior player's opportunity to be discovered and tell college coaches more about their golf and academic achievements. You can fill out a Golf & Academic Resume and change it anytime you want to keep your resume up to date. We have the only complete national showcase for juniors playing competitive golf. Coaches at all levels...Division I, II, and III as well as Junior Colleges...are looking for players. Let them see what you or your child has achieved.

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What parents are saying

"You have in my opinion the very best junior website available. I personally thank you for it. It has gotten Ivy noticed from coaches browsing the results database."
Bruce Copeland - Azusa, CA

"My son, Michael McDonald was a junior player who signed with Birmingham-Southern College. Thanks for all you help!
Posting results and an education resume here certainly made a difference."

Mike McDonald - Odessa, FL

Privacy policy... Only you will be able to create and edit your resume whenever you want to use your own password, The resume you post here will not display your phone number, address or academic information. Only your name, city, grad year, highlights and tournament history will be visible to the general public. Only collegiate coaches who have signed up and registered with us will have access to your full resume.

Have college coaches actually found players on the Junior Golf Scoreboard?

Yes and they have also successfully recruited them to their schools. (See previous years recruits). Over the last ten years coaches have accessed the Golf & Academic Resume database more than 10,000 times. This means nearly 100 times a month so that, on average, every day there are at least three coaches looking at resumes here on the Junior Golf Scoreboard. Click here to see a list of Resume users who signed to play college golf.

What schools are using the Golf & Academic Resumes service?

NCAA regulations prohibit us from naming which schools use JGS but over 500 programs have requested access to Coaches Corner in writing. Call for more info. 804-935-1800.

Why should I post my resume here especially if I'm just starting high school?

There are several reasons. They include:

  • It is important as early as possible to get college coaches to ask "Where have I seen that name before?" You want name recognition and since your name will be highlighted and linked to your resume in the rankings and all of your results here on the Scoreboard, you'll be increasing the chances this will happen.
  • The Junior Golf Scoreboard is the most visited website by college coaches and being recruited is all about visibility and name recognition
  • A resume gives a coach the opportunity to know more about you than just your golf experience
  • A resume conveys a confident and professional appearance to a coach and is more impressive than just an email or phone call

Do I have to have a resume to be ranked?

No. You will be ranked automatically when we have four tournaments for you. A resume is not required to be ranked.

Does the Junior Golf Scoreboard automatically post scores or any other information to my resume?

Yes that is an option you can choose to help keep your resume more up to date.

Do I have to call you to change my resume?

No. You have access to it 24 hours a day.

What's the best way to use my resume?

The best thing you can do is make sure the coaches at the schools you're interested in know you have a resume. That way they can add you to their "Recruit Folder" and track your progress automatically even if you're still a freshman or sophomore.