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Welcome to the JGS Golf & Academic Resume Service. Here's an opportunity to showcase your talent to college golf programs around the country as they look for new talent for their programs. Our Golfer Resume lets you list all the vital information coaches would want to see about your golf experience and education. They search our Golf & Academic Resume Database regularly looking for players.

"The Junior Golf Scoreboard is the best and most comprehensive recruiting service I have seen. I use it on a regular basis and sometimes daily during the summer months..."

- Head Coach, Division I

Here's how it works:

A one year subscription for a resume is $175.00

Add the definitive Ping College Golf Guide for $79.95
(The Ping Guide is the authoritative guide to all college golf programs, listing every program, tuition and fees, academic requirements, and courses of study. A must have companion to our Golf & Academic Resume)

Your resume membership includes:

  • Sleeve of golf balls (while supplies last), large Junior Golf Scoreboard towel, personalized bag tag
  • Free subscription for access to the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings -
    a $29.95 value
  • Exposure to college golf programs across the country
  • Unlimited access to your resume 24 hours a day - edit or upload a new PDF
  • Automatic linking to your resume from any tournament result that we have with your name
  • Automatic linking to your resume from our national rankings (resume not required to be ranked)

Please be sure you understand our payment/refund policies and be sure to read our privacy policy.

So let's get started! Here are some tips for completing your resume:

TIPS Here's some information and suggestions for creating your resume:
  • Before you start, collect any information you need about your GPA (or an estimate of it), SAT scores (if taken), class rank (if known) and especially your tournament finishes, scores, size of the field, name of tournamen etc.
  • Be honest about everything. Coaches will check your scores and are required to verify your grades. Their schools are also looking for all kinds of students.
  • Fields that have an asterisk (*) are required and the Golf & Academic Resume System will not accept your resume without them. If you do not yet have a GPA, estimate as best you can using a 4.0 system (A=4, B=3, etc.) Example: 3.50, or 3.33, etc.
  • A valid e-mail address is required. Without it we cannot communicate with you about your resume and coaches cannot contact you. Also please be sure that if you have your e-mail set to block incoming messages, that you reset it to accept messages from staff@juniorgolfscoreboard.com.
  • Remember any special recognition, awards or honors you have received for your school, church, or community work and golf accomplishments.
  • You can leave some fields blank if you wish instead of putting a 'zero'
  • If you choose the option, your tournament history for the last 365 days will automatically be loaded into your resume. This keeps your resume up to date. In addition you have the ability to add results that we do not follow such as adult tournaments, etc.
Please Note All resumes submitted or edited are reviewed by our staff for appropriate content and accuracy. While we check and release resumes in the review file several times a day, your resume may not be immediately available for viewing but will be available to edit. Your credit card will not be charged until we approve your completed resume.

Enter your own unique ID and Password to create a resume.

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