Player Live Scoring

Welcome to Player Live Scoring (PLS) !!!

Have you ever wanted to follow or have others follow the progress of an amateur, collegiate, or junior golfer hole-by-hole as they compete in a tournament? Would you like to see an online scorecard filled out as they finish each hole in a round and you don't have to wait for tournament updates, text messages or that phone call at the end of the tournament?

Our Player Live Scoring is a one year subscription that enables the person following the player to load a scorecard pre-round and then fill it out after each hole. This scorecard is then displayed on the web, accessible to those interested people who have the password to that player's scorecard. Here is an example of that card of a round in progress.

Virtually no events have hole-by-hole Live Scoring so here is the opportunity to help those stay-at-home family members, friends, and supporters to have a "live" scorecard in the corner of their computer screen or on their phone that keeps them in the action for that player. (Please note, there is for a single player only and there is no tournament leaderboard)

Click here to create your PLS account today and give the link and custom viewer ID and password to whomever you want to be part of the "gallery".

Player Live Scoring Subscriptions

By becoming a Player Live Scoring Subscriber for $25.00 (one player) or $39.00 (two players) you'll receive 12 months of being able to track and upload a player's scores as the play and bring friends and family into the action. You will go to your profile page and send them an email with a unique id and password.

Just get started below and click on Signup.