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Rankings/Calendar Subscriber

A Rankings/Calendar Subscriber for $36.95 you'll receive 12 months of special access to more in-depth information about the rankings including:

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  • Search, sort and compare the rankings of players
  • Ability to view the tournament records of the ranked players
  • The State Competitive Rankings

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Player Live Scoring (PLS)

By becoming a Player Live Scoring Subscriber for $25.00 (one player) or $39.00 (two players) you'll receive 12 months of being able to track and upload a player's scores as the play and bring friends and family into the action. (Privacy Policy)

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  • Ability to follow or have others follow the progress of an amateur, collegiate, or junior golfer hole-by-hole as they compete in a tournament
  • Load a scorecard pre-round then fill it out after each hole
  • Hole-by-hole Live Scoring (for a single player only)

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