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Are You Prepared to Pursue College Golf?

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If you’re reading this article, you may have scanned the 70-plus articles in the “Going To College” archives on Junior Golf Scoreboard. As the authors of these articles, we (John Brooks, Red Numbers Golf® ; Ted Gleason, Road to College Golf; and Nicky Goetze, nicky goetze) have leveraged our combined 60-plus years of coaching and advising experience to provide valuable information to junior golf families—information that covers the most relevant topics about navigating junior golf and managing college placement.

Given the large (and expanding) collection of reading material available in the “Going To College” column, deciding which installments to start with can be a daunting task. Fortunately, all of the articles are categorized by topic. Yet, you still might be wondering where to begin and how to gain exposure to the most crucial themes in the shortest amount of time.

To help, we’ve assembled a list of “must-reads” in the “Going to College” column to keep you on the right path toward college golf:

We hope the knowledge and advice shared within these articles helps you gain confidence with your next steps in the college placement process!

To your future success,

Coach Brooks
Red Numbers Golf®

Ted Gleason
Road to College Golf

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