Junior Golfers Use Fitness for Greater Clubhead Speed

How many of you would like to produce greater clubhead speed?

By Susan Hill

How many of you would like to produce greater clubhead speed?

I can just see you all now...finally everyone is in agreement on at least one subject! Of all the things that I get asked about in golf training, this is the "big" one.

Why? Because 99% of golfers want more power, more speed and in the end....MORE DISTANCE! This is especially true of juniors because as many of you have already experienced, there can be big discrepancies in growth rates between juniors in the same age groups. This is often frustrating especially when we know we are not likely to overcome some of the laws of Mother Nature.

Here are some fun and interesting statistics to get you thinking about how to produce greater clubhead speed. Would you like to know how you compare to some of the pros and a few reigning world class juniors?

World Long Drive Champion
Clubhead Speed: 150 mph
Approx. yard: 375+

Men's PGA Tour
Clubhead Speed: 120 mph
Approx. yard: 300+

Ladies LPGA Tour
Clubhead Speed: 100 mph
Approx. yard: 250

Typical Male
Clubhead Speed: 90 mph
Approx. yard: 225

Typical Female
Clubhead Speed: 70 mph
Approx. yard: 175

More interesting information:
Michelle Wie
Swing speed: 107 mph
Approx. distance: 280 yds
Ball speed: 160 mph

Tiger Woods
Ball Speed: 180 mph
Carl Wolter (reigning Long Drive Champion throughout 2004 and leading into competition this year)
Ball Speed: 220 mph

2004 Re/Max Long Drive Championship results for Juniors:

Girls 10 - 12
1st Daffodil Sanchez - 274 yards
2nd Kimber Lewis - 211 yards
3rd Katherine Hepler - 194 yards

Boys 10 - 12
1st Collin Blenker - 273 yards
2nd J.T. Baldwin - 248 yards
3rd Kyle Clarke - 240 yards
4th Austin Raap - 236 yards

Girls 13 - 15
1st Kaitlin Allan - 279 yards
2nd Lisa Joyce - 261 yards

Boys 13 - 15
1st Trent Travis - 365 yards
2nd Drew Garzillo - 349 yards
3rd Ron May - 345 yards
4th Scott Downey - 336 yards

Girls 16 -18
1st Ashley Patterson - 252 yards
2nd Alli Hunt - 246 yards

Boys 16 - 18
1st Jamie Sadlowski - 400 yards
2nd Tyler Abstein - 385 yards 18 inches
3rd Alan Manning - 385 yards 14 inches
4th Joe Raimonda - 379 yards

So, where’s the magic?
Distance is directly related to the swing speed and the ball velocity the golfer can generate off the face of the club.

A golfer’s swing speed is determined by:
1. Athletic ability
2. Quality of your swing movements
3. Strength
4. Equipment fitting. Proper specifications can be used to optimize swing speed, quality of contact and shot trajectory.

Quality of movement plays one of the largest roles in creating a more efficient and repeatable swing. This should be one of the main goals of every golfer. Golf stretches can be used to focus on "unlocking" tight shoulders, hips, and low back, so you can ultimately improve your swing efficiency. When you combine good quality body motion with high level swing instruction you have the absolute best opportunity to achieve your optimal swing and create the distance you desire.

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