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The Mental Game is Authored by Michael Riggs

Junior players love the praise of their parents.

Think about how many times a youngster says, “Hey mom, look at this,” before she rolls a putt toward the cup. It is always fun to watch the beam on a young player’s face after a successful shot. While kids love to be successful, even more kids love to be recognized by their parents for their efforts.

The time will come, soon enough, where the end result will be the yardstick for success or failure. In an adult world, the outcome seems to take front and center. Did you make the sale or not? Did you complete the job or not? Did you win the game or not? But, for young golfers, this should not be the barometer of their success.


Will you be joining Junior Golf Scoreboard Resume 2017 Signees next year?

You can view previous junior golfers who made the decision to create their Golf and Academic Resume and where they are playing golf in college by clicking here!

Do you have aspirations of playing golf in college? Is your goal to obtain a golfing scholarship to help defer the costs of college? What if you have a great tournament but all there is are your name and scores? Are you making it difficult for a coach to know more about you?

Getting a coach's attention is about two things: visibility and making it easy for the coach to contact and follow you. So ask yourself, how does a player develop a proactive strategy that helps his name stay on a coach's short list of recruits for his graduating class? By presenting yourself professionally and being as visible as possible.

So with the exciting possibility of playing college golf, think about creating your Junior Golf Scoreboard Golf and Academic Resume.

With spring around the corner, am I staying active in the college recruiting process?

Article by Ted Gleason

As you transition from winter to spring, it’s a good time to come up with a “to do” list of action items for the coming months relative to the college recruiting process. The following provides some essential action items for you to accomplish as you continue your pursuit of playing college golf.

  • Continue to make your academics a priority
  • Register with the The NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Follow college golf results and/or attend a college tournament(s)
  • Visit college campuses
  • Plan your tournament schedule for spring and early summer
  • Communicate with coaches

Click the More . . . link below to view more details for each bullet listed above.


Texas A&M Aggie Golf Camp

June 4-7 & 8-11, 2017

The Texas A&M Aggie Golf Camp is one of the premier junior golf instructional camps in the country. Aggie Golf Camp is designed to improve and educate junior golfers at all levels from beginners to advanced campers. Campers will also be exposed to competitive golf at the collegiate level. All instruction takes place at the home for Aggie Golf, the Jack Nicklaus designed Traditions Golf Club with state of the art video analysis. We incorporate a camper to instructor ratio of 5 to 1 using current collegiate players and coaches.

Both on and off course instruction are parts of every camper’s day. The 10 acre Goodman Family Golf Complex is located adjacent to camp headquarters, and the Wahlberg Aggie Golf learning Center provides another excellent facility to further enhance each campers experience.



National Events

FCG Texas Championship (JWQ 13-18)
March 4 - 5, 2017

FCG - Las Vegas Championship (JWQ)
April 15 - 16, 2017

2nd Annual Southern States Junior Classic
July 14 - 16, 2017


We are now Listing 2017 Early Signees!

Each year we have the largest list of junior golfer college signings. You can see the list for 2017 Grad Year early signees by selecting the More . . . link below.

To all 2017 grads, if your name is not on the list, send us a copy of your NLI letter or have your future coach contact us! You can send us a copy of page 1 of your National Letter of Intent (NLI) by Email or by (FAX) 804-527-0834.

Best of luck 2017 Grad Year Junior Golfers!!

As of today, we have received and posted over 760 Signees!