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Repeating a Grade in High School or Pursuing a Post-Grad Year – Part Two

Article by Ted Gleason

In a Part One of this article series, the “repeating a grade” option was explored and examined. Now, let’s explore the “post-grad year” option.

For years, post-graduate programs have afforded students the opportunity to mature and grow emotionally, strengthen their academic profiles in an attempt to gain admittance into higher ranked universities, develop more proficient study habits and time management skills, and enhance their community service/overall resume for the college admissions process. In recent years, the post-grad option has been considered by student-athletes, as well, in an effort to bolster their athletic profiles.


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Junior Boys
  • Ben Sattler - Ohio University
  • William Gordon - Vanderbilt
  • Bryce Hendrix - UNC - Greensboro 
  • Matthew Walker - Iowa
  • Chase Carlson - Colorado Christian (D-II)
Junior Girls
  • Meagan Rachey - Minnesota
  • Tiffany Elam - Anderson University (D-III)
  • Page Morehead - Wofford
  • Kendall Wisenbaker - Mississippi State
  • Alyssa Cook - Ball State

As of today, we have received and posted over 1,025 Signees!


Making Practice Count

Matt Brown - Mike Bender Golf Academy

As a vital component to our full-time Junior Elite Program at the Mike Bender Golf Academy, practicing smart can make the difference between progressing toward your goals in an efficient and timely manner verses spinning your wheels and wasting your time on the practice tee. What should you practice? How long and why? All great questions for the amateur, junior, and professional player alike.

At the MBEGA we make it our goal to help all of our students understand what and when to practice. In fact, we have broken it down into a science; a science that involves specific assessments and test performed at various times of the year for each of our Elite junior golfers.


The First Tee of NW Florida (TFTNWF)

Ailsa Clark Shoots Final Round 65 to Win 58th Annual Divot Derby!

Ailsa Clark, who will be a senior at Navarre High, produced one of the best finishing rounds in tournament history with a 6-under-par 65 at Scenic Hills Golf Club. After shooting an 82 in Monday’s first round at Marcus Pointe, Clark went long distance to win, surging from eight shots back to become a first-time girls overall champion.

“I am still kind of in shock,” Clark said after her round with six birdies, no bogeys and flawless shot-making. “I just stayed positive. I just stuck with it ... I trusted myself ... and allowed myself to be guided around the course.



Tour Events

RMJGT - Portland Open at Heron Lakes
September 2 - 7, 2015

RMJGT - Experience at the Broadmoor
September 6 - 9, 2015

RMJGT - Pumpkin Ridge Playoff
September 19 - 20, 2015

RMJGT - Arizona State Championship
November 21 - 22, 2015

RMJGT - 2015 Tournament of Champions
December 26 - 27, 2015

RMJGT - 2015 North American Junior Amateur Championship
December 31, 2015 - January 4th, 2016

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Correct Posture for the Shoulder

Championship Fitness by Kelly Shobe

In golf, many people mention rotator cuff exercises but neglect the shoulder blade/scapula. While exercising is very important, if your scapula is protruding, your shoulder will not be as strong or as stable as it should be. Your stabilizing muscles in the rotator cuff are attached to the floating bone that is designed to assist you during a golf swing.

Read about the benefits of improving your shoulder posture in my article by selecting "More..." below.


RU Afraid of Success?

The Mental Game is Authored by Michael Riggs

“I mean, come on, get real. Afraid of success? That’s ridiculous. Why do you think I practice, and sacrifice, and train, and compete, anyway? To succeed!! I’ve always sought success. That is what drives me. Plus, look at all of my accomplishments... those certainly aren’t the result of a fear of success. Are they?”

It certainly seems like a strange concept, at first take, but maybe, just maybe there is something to the possibility of being afraid to succeed. For example, success brings on heightened expectations. After all, the spotlight isn’t shining on those “in the middle of the pack” Or, consider the possibility that deep down you aren’t sure if you have the resources to commit to all that it would take to succeed.

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