Saving Strokes with Your Short Game

Todd Casabella - Mike Bender Golf Academy

Many strokes can be saved in the short game. When you miss a green your ability to save par is an obvious benefit to your score. But there's more to a good short game than. It provides confidence to attack the golf course. If your confident you can get up and down from anywhere, you can play aggressive.

At the Mike Bender Golf Academy we teach four basic short game shots: low, medium, high and flop. The shot you select to play depends on many factors, the most basic three being the lie of the ball, the landing spot on the green and the amount of roll. Once you have assessed these factors you pick the club and the type of shot.


Should I Communicate a Poor Performance to a College Coach?

Article by Coach Gleason

After forwarding your initial introductory email, resume, and swing video to college coaches, you’ll want to forward periodic updates of your tournament results to keep the coaches well informed on your results. From time to time when talking to clients, the question arises, “Should I email a coach after a poor performance?” Certainly, it’s understandable that you want to highlight your best achievements, both on and off the golf course, to garner a coach’s interest, and it’s important to communicate these achievements throughout the recruiting process; however, it’s never a good idea to try to hide from a poor performance along the way.

First, a coach is going to look at many factors when determining your potential as a recruit and will certainly look at your entire body of work when it comes to tournament results. College coaches also realize every player will have off days and/or tournaments.


First tee jitters…bring ‘em on!

The Mental Game by Michael Riggs

I work with talented amateur and professional golfers on a daily basis, helping each to think and play more effectively. They come to me for a variety of reasons: to improve their confidence, to better their tournament mindset, to learn to “get in the present”, to move from a great practice player to a skilled competitor, or to learn to recover and stay mentally focused after a poor hole. But, there is one theme that comes my way on a very regular basis -- how to overcome the first tee jitters.

You may find my solution quite surprising.


Importance of Flexibility

Championship Fitness by Kelly Shobe

Young golfers typically desire more distance from their golf swing. Therefore, as muscles are developed, maintaining good flexibility and balance will be key! If flexibility is defined as ‘the range of motion around a joint in the body’, then improving it through “static” stretching (during and after workouts) is crucial. Static stretching is a stationary ‘hold’ of the muscle.

Read about some specific stretching exercises in my article by selecting "More..." below.


Do you want to play golf in college?

What are you doing to make yourself standout amongst junior goflers in your grad year?

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  • Do you have accomplishments outside of golf you are proud of and want to share?

If you own A Golf and Academic Resume with the Junior Golf Scoreboard, you will be steps ahead of your competitors who are competing for those limited college golfing scholarships. For Grad Years 2015 & 2016 junior golfers, now is the time to let college coaches know you want to play college golf. Coaches are watching! Click Here to find out more.

Golfweek Junior Tour (GJT)

Elzey holds on for first GJT win at Notre Dame

After six times a runner-up in Golfweek Junior Tour events, Callahan Elzey survived a rough finish to earn his first GJT win in the Boys 14-19 division at Notre Dame’s Warren Golf Course. Elzey fired round of 74-70—144 in beating hard-charging Ben Smith by one shot.

Through the first 16 holes of Sunday’s final round, it looked to be a veritable waltz for Elzey who had carded four birdies and no bogeys up to that point. Meanwhile, Smith had struggled with four bogeys from holes 11-15 that seemed to take him out of contention. He then birdied the 16th as Elzey went to the 17th.



Independent Events

College Prep Golf Tour - Salisbury CC
September 13-14, 2014

TGF - UNC Tarheel State Junior Championship
September 27 - 28, 2014

TGF - VantageSouth Bank Bridgestone Junior
October 4 - 5, 2014

FCG -Santa Barbara Championship
October 18 - 19, 2014

College Prep Golf Tour - Laurel Hill GC
October 25 - 26, 2014

RMJGT - Qualifier @ ASU
November 22 - 23, 2014

RMJGT - 2014 Tournament of Champions
December 27 -28, 2014

FCG - San Diego Junior Amateur
December 29-31, 2014 & January 3 - 4, 2015

North American Junior Amateur Championship
December 30, 2014 - January 3, 2015

2014 Junior Golfers Graduated from Rankings

Modification to the Rankings Calculation

As is tradition, we have graduated the outgoing senior class (2014) from the rankings as of August 1st. Best of luck to the 2014 junior golfers in whatever they decide to pursue!

The Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings calculation are always being evaluated and this year we have made a change to the scoring differential (65%) portion of the calculation. We have changed the percentage of scoring differentials used to calculate your overall differential from 85% to 75%. So another way to describe this is, if you have 16 rounds (scoring differentials) in your profile, we will now use the best 12 (75%) scoring differential to calculate your overall scoring differential.

In the past, the 85% would have resulted in 14 (13.6) scores being used to determine your scoring differential. As a result of this modification to the calculation, you may notice a slight decrease in your scoring differential from yesterday to today.

You can select the "More..."link below to read more about the rankings calculation description.