Practice Swing Alchemy

By: Ray Bikulcius


For the past 8 years Ray Bikulcius has successfully helped golfers improve performance by enhancing one of their greatest assets – their body. Now, as a ONE Way Golf lf mental fitness Coach I have come to understand that mental and physical fitness training complement each other perfectly. If a player is fit, head to toe, he has a significant advantage over his competitor. The brain controls the body, so the greater control a player has over his mind the more he can control his decisions, emotions and ultimately, his on-course results.rough, John coaches golfers to attain their optimal level of success and satisfaction.

My approach, for both mental and physical fitness training, is first to thoroughly evaluate the individual, then accurately interpret the results and finally, create a highly individualized development program that will allow the player to reach extraordinary levels of success and satisfaction within the game. I have used this method effectively for many nationally ranked junior golfers, professional tour players and country club competitors.

Choosing me as your mental fitness Coach will provide a unique experience. My golf play started as an amateur weekend player and in recent years has progressed into a highly competitive player. Before deciding to become a ONE Way Golf Coach, I was first a ONE Way Golf Client. I am fully convinced that ONE Way Golf helped me transform from an average golfer to a real player. I pride myself on my dedication to continual professional growth through seeking and applying input from the greatest minds in the game. As a ONE Way Golf Coach, I guide my clients to take real ownership of their path to success. Successful mental training requires an individual to work inter-dependently to attain peak performance. My ONE Way Golf clients can expect an analytical approach – peppered with hearty collaboration — in their process of becoming mentally fit to play the game of golf.


Every golfer from junior to amateur to professional employ a practice swing. The number of swings varies per person and is unique to each individual. Some golfers practice swing until a mysterious feeling overwhelms them. Others take two swings and are ready to strike the ball. The ball could be in the rough, therefore, the practice swing is providing feedback to the golfer on strategy. A tree obstructing the club path may necessitate a truncated swing. Practicing the swing before address will increase confidence. A swing that will radically shape a ball flight may need to be practice before execution.

The thoughts of a golfer during the practice swing is different. We have no clue what’s going through the mind of a golfer during the practice swing. Is he thinking about the football game tonight? Did he forget to send a work email? Is he thinking about the latest text from his wife? A great approach to your practice swing will contribute to great outcomes.

The practice swing is a transitional and important part of the preshot routine. Most players take the practice swing before they address the ball. With ONE Way Golf, we rely on our Swing Ways - the physical feeling of the ideal swing - during address. The practice swing is the gateway of our thoughts into those Swing Ways. If our practice swing thoughts are swing mechanics, then, the probability of our Swing Way being corrupted by mechanics increases. Likewise, a practice swing that is relaxed and free will increase the smooth transition into your Swing Way.

During your next round take notes of your thoughts during your practice swing. If your practice swing turns into a golf lesson, convert those to thoughts of tempo. Contemplating club selection and distance may indicate that your routine is rushed. Stop and invest time into data collection and creating a plan before your practice swing. Imagine your ball flight in your mind’s eye and develop a good tempo during your practice swing. A good practice swing will lead to good Swing Ways which will lead to good swings, good shots followed by success and satisfaction in your game.

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