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ONE Way® founder, Michael Riggs, holds a master’s degree in applied sports psychology from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. University of Virginia is recognized worldwide for its emphasis on research and innovation in the field of performance psychology. As an educator, Michael has opened the minds of students at all levels, encouraging them to “dream big.” As a multi-sport athlete and longtime coach, he’s worked with athletes from skilled amateurs to professionals. And as a business professional, he’s fostered innovation.

Using the ONE Way platform, each client is personally guided by a ONE Way certified Coach to realize his unlimited potential. ONE Way Coaches serve as objective guides who empower their client to become their own catalyst for change. Since 1996, Performance Consulting Ltd.has offered one-on-one personal coaching, group workshops, and custom presentations for athletes, business executives, and organizations seeking to think better…perform better…live better.

Through the proven-successful ONE Way programs -- based upon the strategies of the world’s most successful and satisfied (S²) performers – each ONE Way Coach work with the client to help:

  • analyze your current performance
  • create your performance vision
  • develop your performance roadmap

We bring you practical techniques to create positive, purposeful development, guiding you to achieve unprecedented success and satisfaction in the performance theaters you choose.

Our performance team draws on the expertise of specialists in just about every area that can enhance your performance:

  • sport and performance psychology
  • organizational training and development
  • personal leadership enhancement
  • physical therapy, nutrition, and strength training and conditioning
  • coaching and sport parenting effectiveness

Michael, the entire Performance Consulting Ltd. team and all its certified ONE Way coaches bring a passion for superior performance to individuals, business leaders, athletes -- to those seeking excellence in life.

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