Bringing in the New Year

We're always thinking

Well it's been a while since I wrote something, Way too long in fact. Somebody should get after the author. Oh that's right.... that would be me !

We have been busy in 2017 and are looking forward to 2018.

First was our announcement of changes to the rankings that we announced at the beginning of the year. They were the subject of our last column and were very well received.

Second was the investment by Titleist to become the title sponsor of the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings. Titleist has been a supporter of the Scoreboard for over 10 years. The Rankings have become the premier ranking methodology for players, families, and coaches. In addition more than 100 tournaments now use the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings as one of their selection criteria.

Third was the introduction of Player Live Scoring last fall. Our newest product, it allows a parent or other followers of a junior player to keep a scorecard on their phone as the junior plays. Others "back home" can see the scorecard on their phone or computer. It's a great way for the "gallery" to keep up with the action for that player. Suitable for any phone, this web based tool is easy to use and for $25 a year can score an unlimited number of rounds and tournaments for a single player.

Finally is our growing connection to foreign junior events. Several countries in the western Pacific are now regular contributors to our tournament results section. We continue to get interest from South America and Europe as more golf organizations want to get their juniors exposure world-wide and especially here in the US.

So it was a great year in 2017. More to come in 2018. Stay tuned and give us ideas too.

Happy New Year everyone !

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