Strength of Field - The True Story

Playing better is the key

Over the last year we have seen an increasing number of questions about the Strength of Field (SOF) factor that is used in the rankings. There are a number of misconceptions that seem to be prevalent so a few insights may be helpful

First, SOF is 25% of the ranking calculation, making scoring almost three times more important. Scoring is what drives a player's ranking.

Second, a change in a player's SOF number can have nothing to do with the past tournament they played. A player's SOF is recalculated every time the rankings are run. Older tournaments are re-evaluated to see if the players have since played better or worse. In fact the last tournament played may have actually helped the SOF if older tournaments were downgraded.

Finally there is no real way to "manage" your way to a better ranking except by playing better. That will get you invitations to bigger fields with better players and that will help your SOF

Getting the golf ball in the hole is still the name of the game. Nobody gets better by sitting on the couch. Go play and beat the golf course.

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