High School Tournaments

Tournaments that count with us

Over the years we have done our very best to track the entire world of competitive junior golf. Our goal is to track every player every time they play in events that we follow. Virtually every tournament in the US and Canada now wants to be Junior Golf Scoreboard ranked. It is a great honor to have the trust placed in us by parents, players and coaches.

One of the challenges we have had over the years is to include high school events, mainly the state high school championships which are normally 36 holes stroke play. Despite our best efforts these results come to us only sporadically. Typically state high school athletic associations do not, for whatever reason, have any interest in forwarding the results and as a result it is usually a parent that has to find the information we need. In addition the conditions of competition are not consistent from state to state.

We want juniors to play high school golf for the team experience without worrying about the affect on their junior career in the sport. There is an uneven playing field when we report high school golf for some states and not others. Accordingly we have decided the Scoreboard will no longer post state high school results or results from high school team invitationals. We feel this is best for all and to actually encourage all junior players to play for their team.

Here's hoping all are having a great summer and best wishes for the fall.

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