Right Place, Right Time

Learning to succeed

One of the questions we get here in our office is when a junior player should play against older or better competition. As you can imagine the answer is built around each individual player. Here are some thoughts.

The first question parents and juniors should ask themselves is whether they are beating players their own age or at least finishing consistently in the top three of their age group. Even then, the next question should be what are the scores that accomplished that. If a player is shooting 85 and winning an event, then moving up against better players may not make sense.

The second question is to ask what yardages will the junior play if they play against stronger competition. When you know that, what are their average scores from those yardages on their home course or during their practice rounds? Post 6 to 10 rounds and see how they stack up.

Finally, it has been said playing against better players makes you better. I think that is true for the most part but every parent should look at their child and the junior should look at themselves and say will that be good for me or will I be embarrassed and frustrated?

Hopefully when you answer these questions, you will find a plan that makes sense. In any case, play well and most of all, have fun.

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