Keeping Us Honest

Proofreaders Wanted !!!

Sometimes people are reluctant to call or email us with corrections to what we post here on the Scoreboard. This is especially true when it comes to tournament results or the Rankings but nothing could be further from the truth.

As you can imagine it is a onerous task as we try to follow every player, everywhere, every time they play. The effort involves tracking more than 2,000 tournaments with multiple age groups in each event, ranking more than 9,500 players, and loading nearly 250,000 rounds of golf scores. If we are 95% accurate, that means we could possibly miss 100 events, mis-rank 400 players by missing just one score, and incorrectly post more than 12,000 rounds. But parents and players can be a big help.

It means a great deal to have the more than 80,000 junior golf families out there watching what we do. Our "proofreaders" are fantastic! Keep calling. Keep emailing. Help us find our errors and to keep players' names and hometowns straight. Its like helping us to sign an accurate scorecard.

Thanks for all your help up to now.

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