What's New ?

Always looking for your ideas !

One of the best parts of this job is when we get phone calls and emails from parents asking questions and offering suggestions. Many of them have been used here on the Scoreboard. Here's what's new in 2011.

New Resume design - we spent literally over a 100 hours talking to parents, coaches and contributors to design the new Golf & Academic Resume. It now includes more than a dozen new pieces of information that coaches want to see.

Map & Book - you can now see all the hotels near your tournament course and book them at the same time on Orbitz. There is no additional cost to use our link and make your reservations. This was a parent idea !!

Coaches Corner The 400 schools who use the Scoreboard can now find and track players automatically through our Enhanced Data Service. This new tool dramatically increases the visibility of junior players, especially those with our Golf & Academic Resume.

So that's the new stuff. Send us your ideas !!

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