Ask Questions

Doing the research can pay off

Asking questions is a great way to navigate the world of junior golf. Understanding how tournaments work, how rankings are compiled, and how college recruiting works are topics vital to make the most of your junior golf experience.

The first place to go is right here at the Junior Golf Scoreboard. We receive more than 30 calls a week from parents and players and we are glad to talk to them. Sometimes it's a parent that's just getting started in junior golf or it's a player in their senior year in high school wondering if there are still opportunities to play college golf. After 13 years of following the sport and as a former junior golf dad, if I don't know the answer then there are people who work with us that do. For instance no one knows more about college recruiting than our columnists John Brooks and Ted Gleason, and Dean Frischnecht of the Ping College Golf Guide.

The archive of articles here in "News & Views" is another great reading list. Most of the topics actually were written from ideas that parents gave us, usually in a phone call.

Finally always make friends with other junior golf families. While you have to be a little careful about what you hear ("swimming is bad for a golfer") most parents have good information about tournaments, tours, places to stay, and where they find information. If you hear anything that doesn't seem quite right - just give us a call ! We need to know what's out there and you can keep us informed.

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