Changing the Rankings

What's important?

We have always been a supporter of the values associated with playing the game of golf. As we know teaching children about honesty integrity and disciplne is a integral part of playing the sport.

We also believe that golf should be fun especially for the younger players that are still learning the game and how to compete. To over associate only winning or focusing on where a player is ranked with these younger competitors is neither productive or useful.

As a result of having thought about this issue for sometime and in consultation with others in the competitive junior golf world effective May 1, 2010 we will no longer rank players under 5th grade.In addition, due to the inconsistencies of the competitive conditions for younger players, we will no longer post the results for age groups that are under the age of 10.

As parents, tournament organizers, and those who appreciate our sport, we encourage everyone to understand what our sport is about and how introducing it the right way to young players can make them players for life.

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