Ranking Systems Compared

What's the difference?

This is probably a "no win" column this month.

No matter how objectively we try to compare the ranking systems for junior golf, there will be those who say we are biased because we are the authors of one of them. But let us try anyway and you be the judge of whether we are fair.

To compare the Golfweek Rankings,AJGA-Polo Rankings, and the Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings lets use three criteria: 1) coverage of junior golf 2) method and 3) purpose.

So here goes.

Golfweek (Multi round events, match and stroke play, minimum 6 events)

  • Coverage:(exclusive) limited players over a limited set of tournaments

  • Method: head-to-head and record against best ranked players in the system
  • Purpose: rank the best players against themselves

    AJGA-Polo (Multi round events, stroke and match play, minumum 6 events)

  • Coverage:(exclusive) AJGA members in AJGA tournaments and selected indpendent events
  • Method: Tournaments assigned points based on AJGA determination of strength of field
  • Purpose: To determine invites to AJGA Invitational events, select Canon Cup Teams, and choose All Americans.

    Junior Golf Scoreboard (Multi round events, stroke play only, minimum 4 events)

    • Coverage: (inclusive) every player, every where, every time they play
    • Method: scoring based and strength of field mostly
    • Purpose: to cover all of junior golf and give every player a chance at recognition.

    Hope this helps. You be the judge

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