Parents and Juniors Welcome

Ask your questions!

After almost ten years of compiling competitive junior golf information, we are always surprised by the number of people we meet that say "I was going to call you, but...". Well please do!

One of the best ways for us to keep up with the sport is by talking to parents and players. Questions about the rankings, about which events to play, about managing the college recruiting process are always welcome. When we know what's on your mind, it helps us do our job better.

Another reason that we like phone calls is when you catch an error we made. With thousands of families looking at the Scoreboard each day, we know that every one is proofreading what we do. It's a big help and calling us to correct something is always welcome.

Finally, you give us great ideas! Many of the the features you see on our website are there because someone in the junior golf community gave us the idea. Thank you everyone.

So the next time you have a question, correction, or idea, don't hesitate to let us know. Keep those cards and letters...whoops....emails and calls coming.

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