Rankings Updated

It's Rollover Time on the Scoreboard

It's that time of year when we say good bye to our departing seniors and rollover the rankings. As we do every August 1st, we drop the graduated seniors from the rankings list and this year we have made a change to the rankings calculations as well.

Effective with the changeover, four tournaments are required within the last 365 days for a junior player to be ranked. We had actually been contemplating this for a while but previously we were guarding against penalizing families that could afford to play a great many events or who had winter weather to face a good portion of the year. Reviewing the tournament availability in junior golf and around the country, it was obvious that adding a tournament to our minimum would not be disadvantageous to players and their families. In addition our rankings formula, while unchanged, would produce a better assessment of talent if it used more data.

So there we are. We continue to being committed to providing exposure to as many players as possible and, as always, your comments are always welcome. Have a great rest of the summer!

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