What Are The Best Juniors Becoming?

Hopefully not robots !

At a recent major junior tournament, this reporter had a chance to spend several hours watching players compete. It was a bright sunny day, no wind, course was fair, and the temperatures were moderate. In other words, the conditions were perfect. So everything was in place for the players to be in the best of moods and happy at their successes. Right? No, wrong.

As I sat watching long birdie putts drop, sand saves end up from a foot from the hole, and tough pars being made from 20 feet, you would have thought you were watching TV with the sound off during a re-run of "Return of the Zombies". Now we know that $10K a year in sports psychologist bills has probably created this mindset in these young minds, but now it is getting ridculous. There were absolutely no fist pumps, smiles, exclamations of "yes!" or looks of joy. I guess it could have been boredom but I think it has more to do with too much preaching about no emotions. Guess what, emotions are good. Not temper tantrums or boastful screams but appropriate displays of "gee I'm glad that happened" or "Way to hang in there kid." said quietly to oneself are very important. Julie Inkster, Hale Irwin might be a little over the top but you know what, I bet they are far more interesting to watch and talk to.

So lighten up everybody. enjoy yourself. You won't break or crack. And junior golf coaches...... give these kids a break.

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