Choosing The Right Tournament

Take the mystery out of scheduling events

Quite often here at the Scoreboard we get questions from parents about how to choose a tournament or a tour to play in. Given the expense associated with entry fees, taking time off perhaps, packing up, and travel expenses, it's an important question.

Well there is nothing like research and a good place to start is right here on the Scoreboard. You can begin by looking at last year's event. How many players were there, what was the yardage, how good were the scores? In the case of choosing a tour, look at several events, especially the ones held in your area of the country. Second, look at the course being used this year and it's course rating. Will it be a challenge to most players? Third, look at the field from last year and look up their ranking to get a sense of the strength of field. Does the event attract good players and strong competition. Fourth, see how long the tournament has been held. First year events can be good but also might attract a small field.

On a final note, where is the level of your game or your child's game? Will they be competitive or frustrated. Learning to compete at the right level first and being in contention is more valuable than winning against a weak field or finishing poorly in too strong an event.

These are a few notes to get you started. Feel free to call us and we will be glad to help answer your questions.

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