Saying Thanks

Written a note lately ?

Growing up, the only thing as a kid I somewhat dreaded was writing thank you notes after receiving a gift or multiple gifts at Christmas. As a parent we followed what our parents told us and taught our children the good manners of writing a note of appreciation.

In today's world it seems far too frequent that parents do not make their children or themselves write notes to tournaments they have just attended. Given the fact that these events do not just happen, that hundreds of volunteer hours go into putting on an event, it seems the least we can do is drop a line to the Pepsi Little Peoples or your state golf association for their time and sacrifice. While the tours could use a thank you once in a while as well, it's really the volunteer independent events that need to know that we appreciate what they do.

So how about it everyone? Forget email. Let's all go to our local card store, buy a box or two of cards,some stamps from the post office and then pass on a timeless tradition that's not old fashioned. It matters.

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