The "New" Rankings

Why did we change?

Well the word is out. We've changed the rankings to include players who missed the cut in stroke play events including those events already held in 2005. It was long overdue.

Since the beginning, one of the missing elements in our Rankings has been not counting players who missed the cut in a tournament. We were, in effect giving them a "free ride". This December we discovered that it affected the players at the top of the rankings.

We decided to make the change retroactive to all events still on our 365 day calendar so that the Rankings accurately reflected what happened in the last year. That decision has not been without criticism. A few people have remarked we changed the rules after the game has started but far more have commented "it's about time!" As in every situation like this, who you hear from are those most affected negatively. When we did not include the cut we would hear "They played, why are you not counting their scores?" Now that we do, those on the other side of the fence are expressing their dismay. Perhaps but our response is "Would you have played differently if you knew it was going to count? Aren't you always trying to shoot as low as possible?"

In the end, counting results everytime a player plays is the best way to compare players. It was the base reason for our decision.

All for now. All our best and play well.

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