A New Day !

Welcome to the New! Junior Golf Scoreboard

It's an exciting time here at the Junior Golf Scoreboard as we re-launch our website with a new design.

At the same time, saying goodbye to an old friend can be sad, and since that was my son's picture on the homepage of the old site, it's a passage of another sort. Oh don't worry, he's alive and well and living in Denver.

Some things are new and some things are old and familiar. One of the new things that you will increasingly see is stories about junior golf and junior players. Since the beginning, we have been an information resource, but now we hope to showcase junior players more often. This will include, obviously, pictures and stories and you can help.

If you or people you know are writers, you have a digital camera, and a story to be told, we are looking to build a family of freelance contributors to join our team who will be compensated for their stories. So let us know.

Finally, many of you are loyal users and visitors to our website, and we depend on the thousands of "eyes" out there and welcome your proofreading, comments, and ideas. Your e- mails and calls are always welcome.

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