Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

Having just returned from a junior tournament at which I was attending both as the Junior Golf Scoreboard and to follow a junior player I am working with this summer, I was reminded of the need for accurate information in this sport.

It is amazing from the people I talked to and from the scores of e-mails and phone calls we receive, the amount of rumors, old wives tales and just plain wrong information there is out there. Most of this is passed by word of mouth from player to player and especially from parent to parent. Now, before I get e-mails and phone calls, please don't climb all over me but think about how important it is to have the right information. Here are a few of my favorites.

"Don't go swimming after playing. It's bad for your golf."

"The AJGA tournament acceptances are all political."

"So and so got a full scholarship."

"You have to be top ranked to get a scholarship."

Real quickly, swimming will not hurt your golf game, the new AJGA PBE system is anything but political, don't believe any story about a male junior player getting a full ride, and there are scores of schools that have golf teams that pay no attention to the top ranked players.

As a parent, or a player, when someone sounds like they know what they are talking about, take it all with a grain of salt. If that person has had an older child that played junior golf and went to a program on scholarship, their information might be reliable. There is no substitute for reading up, especially with John Brooks' column here "Going to College" or calling people who have the right answers...NCAA, John Brooks, or us here at the Scoreboard.

As anywhere else, just don't believe everything you hear.

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