Pride and Concern

Lessons from opposite ends of the world

The sport of golf gave us two lessons this past week, ones we felt were worth sharing.

Lots has been said already about how the President's Cup ended but we think it was an honorable and great way to end a competition. Oh there are those that say "Rules are rules and if you agreed to playoff, then the playoff should have continued." That misses the point.

Two great teams fought hard and in the end both were due the label of victor. They displayed a tremendous amount of class and elegence by agreeing to share the trophy and to show us all, once again, that winning and losing are really not what competition is about at it's core. It's the spirit of competition that matters. Our thanks for letting us be reminded.

Too bad that spirit was not one to be demonstrated in California this past week at the girls high school playoffs leading to the state championships. Four top national players, after having agreed to play for their high schools during the season, chose to leave their teams before the finals to compete as individuals in a national tournament out of state. Three were also receiving national awards at a banquet at this event. Be that as it may and even if their coaches and teams knew in advance, if you join a team, it's the team first and individual honor second. The "other" event was not that important (all will play college golf on full scholarships) and the awards have already been announced. Where were the priorities of these young women? What impressions did they leave on their teammates, their coaches and even college coaches who are following them?

It's too bad the good impressions from that other competition in South Africa did not reach California sooner.

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