Let's Go Play!

Experience is what counts.

(We spend many hours on the phone with parents and players talking about this topic. Hope it helps you.)

Junior players and their parents make decisions frequently about choosing which tournament to play in. Factors such as dates of the event, entry fee, travel distance, reputation of the tournament, etc are all important. However, in our opinion, there is one factor that should never enter in to the decision-making process.

The effect on a player's standing in any ranking system should never be a consideration for choosing an event, and that includes our system here at the Junior Golf Scoreboard.

Getting better in this sport requires one constant: experience. And experience does not come from sitting on a couch and missing an opportunity to compete. Missing an opportunity to play, shoot lower scores, and build a base of competitive experiences to draw on for the future is not what the college bound player should be doing. And, put quite frankly, if you don't play, you can't win, and if you don't play no one will see you.

In two surveys, one done by the AJGA and one by us, college coaches consistently put rankings as the 7th or 8th most important factor in their interest in an athlete. Scoring was the first and most important criteria. Simply put, the less you play the more you hurt your chances to post numbers that will be noticed. There is no quick solution or work around to this, scoring counts. So, trying to maneuver a playing schedule, to "work" the rankings or to be ranked here or there is counter productive for 99% of junior players.

Our best advice to parents and players: Let's go play golf!

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