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What Academic Habits Are Essential for a High School Student-Athlete?

The seemingly simple things will make a positive impact on your academic success.

If you’re familiar with the “Going to College” articles, then you already know the important role academics will play in your college process. As a new school year begins, it is timely to reinforce and emphasize the specific traits that will allow you to get the most out of your upcoming school year. In past Going to College articles, we’ve written about a myriad of topics relative to academics, time management, the NCAA Eligibility Center, and the like. Specifically, and for your continued education, please continue to refer to the following articles relative to the aforementioned topics:

Additionally, in this article, I wanted to provide my “Top Five Classroom Habits.” These five habits will help you get the most out of each of your respective classes this school year, as well as reinforce the traits that will lead you to academic success once you become a college student-athlete. During my college coaching years, I’d emphasize these habits to my players regularly. They may seem quite simple, but in reality, these habits can greatly enhance the probability of your success in the classroom. It’s my hope you’ll take an inventory of your current “habits” and integrate the following suggestions where appropriate.

    1. Pay attention in every class – Get your mind ready to listen and take in all the teacher has to say. Just as you get your mindset ready for each golf shot, make sure you are fully “present” for each class.

    2. Sit in the front of the classroom – Sitting in the first few rows of a classroom allows you to be fully engaged with the instructor. In high school this may not always be in your control given seat assignments, but do your best to sit as close to the front of the classroom as possible. This habit becomes even more important as you transition to college given the bigger lecture halls.

    3. Take copious notes – Note taking is a tremendous and essential habit to commit to during every class. It allows you to further engrain the lesson of the day from the instructor and establish a comprehensive study and reference guide moving forward.

    4. Communicate with your teachers – Make sure to ask questions when you don’t understand a topic or if you need further clarification on an assignment, etc. It is essential that you get comfortable initiating communication with your teachers and take ownership of your academic path. Also, attend any office hours/tutorial sessions offered by your teacher to deepen your understanding of the course curriculum. This is a great time to ask questions about the lectures and/or assignments, as well as to demonstrate to the teacher that you’re doing all you can to learn and understand the material.

    5. Keep up with your assignments/reading – Don’t procrastinate! Doing a little bit every day is much easier than having to do everything at the last minute.

I encourage you to integrate these habits during your high school years. If practiced, these actions will maximize your academic achievement in high school and properly prepare you for the academic demands of college. Establishing these simple habits will pay off, as you’ll have less stress and more time to be the best student-athlete you can be.

Study hard!

Ted Gleason
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