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How Should I Respond When a Coach Makes an Offer?

Be prepared to address several key points

Every junior golfer who aspires to play college golf looks forward to the day when a coach will finally make him/her an offer to join his/her team. Some offers include guaranteed admittance into the school, an athletic scholarship (possibly for multiple years), and/or a golf team roster position. Each situation varies slightly depending on whether or not the golf program has golf scholarships to offer and how prestigious the school is academically. NCAA Division III programs (as well as some NCAA Division I and II programs) do not offer athletic scholarships, meaning those coaches can only offer recruits a guaranteed roster position and in some cases, help with the admissions process. Most of the elite academic institutions will have their admissions staff “pre-read” the prospective student-athlete’s academic transcripts in advance to indicate how likely the applicant is to be admitted. “Green light” candidates are typically recruited by coaches at these schools and encouraged to apply early to increase their chances for success. Golf coaches will rarely guarantee an applicant he/she will be admitted to school, instead deferring that decision to the admissions office.

So what are the real keys for responding when a coach calls to make you an offer?

  • Say “thank you” and let the coach know how excited you are about the news. Tell him/her you appreciate his/her confidence in you as a recruit and, potentially, as a future team member.
  • Make certain you understand the details of the offer. If a golf scholarship is included, is it a multi-year offer? Is the scholarship a specific dollar amount, or is it based on a percentage of total cost? Are there certainties/questions with your admissions status at the school?
  • Ask the coach for a deadline so you are perfectly clear on when a decision needs to be made. In cases where a coach replies, “No hurry, take your time to decide,” follow up by asking again for some timeline to follow. This is a very important detail to discuss and will prevent confusion or disappointment later in the recruiting process.

If you’re responding to a coach’s offer, then congratulations are in order as your hard work as an accomplished student-athlete has finally paid off! Knowing how to respond will help you complete the recruiting process in a timely and efficient manner.

Play well!

Coach Brooks
Red Numbers Golf®

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