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As a Rising Senior Is It Too Late To Be Recruited?

Coaches are always looking for good players!

Over the past several years more and more junior golfers are making their college commitments before their senior year in high school. Most of these highly ranked players are “blue chip” recruits who have won national tournaments and earned All-America status in junior golf. To facilitate early commitments, coaches are emailing and writing to juniors in high school (11th graders) asking them to take unofficial visits to their college campuses. Once on campus the prospect is allowed to meet with the coaching staff to discuss possible scholarships and roster positions.

Oftentimes as early commitments become public information, prospects that have not been recruited or do not know where they are attending college will begin to panic. It is normal for these prospects to feel like everyone else has been recruited expect for them. This is not the case at all.

Keep in mind the following key points:

  • As a rising senior, it is not too late to be recruited.
  • Most golf programs sign at least some of their players during the spring signing period (April-August).
  • Do not assume that everyone already knows where they are going to college.
  • Coaches always have a place on their rosters for good players (and students).
  • Some players are “late bloomers.”
As a college coach I discovered and signed some of my best players during the spring signing period. Other coaches have similar stories to tell. If you examine the Signees List on the Junior Golf Scoreboard you will see how many players actually sign the National Letter of Intent during the spring of their senior year in high school.

If you are getting ready to start your senior year in high school and have not yet been recruited, do not worry. Keep working hard on your game and your grades. If necessary, retake the SAT or ACT to help your college candidacy. It is also important to do your research first so that you can target schools that are potential good fits for you. Consider academic requirements, scores/resumes of current players, tournament schedules, facilities, geographical location, and cost before you write to any school.

Junior golf has become a 12-month sport with numerous top tours and stand-alone tournaments available to players during the school year. Continue to compete and post scores. Coaches are always paying attention to tournament results and will surely be interested in players who are winning and shooting low scores.

Remember, it is not too late to be recruited even if you are a rising senior. Good luck!

Coach Brooks
Red Numbers Golf®

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