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Will Playing AJGA Events Increase My Chances of Earning a College Scholarship?

Understanding the AJGA Performance-Based Entry System helps maximize exposure.

The AJGA is the best place for junior golfers to be discovered by college coaches, plain and simple. But it is not the only place. In 2003, AJGA officials realized the need to create an objective system that would allow junior golfers to earn status on the AJGA through their performance in targeted events throughout the season. The Performance-Based Entry System (PBE) recognizes tournaments based on their historical strength of field and awards AJGA performance stars based on a player’s finish. The system has worked well so far and continues to undergo improvements and modifications on an annual basis.

Prospects who have reached high school need to be keenly aware of how the PBE system works in order to plan their upcoming tournament schedules. The AJGA website includes a printable PBE table for boys and girls to use as a resource. Once you have read the table, you will realize how many quality non-AJGA events and tours are available to help you reach your long-term tournament goals. The AJGA also offers a state-by-state map of non-AJGA events that offer players an opportunity to earn additional PBE stars.

During the fall, winter, and spring months, numerous national and regional tours offer players an opportunity to earn AJGA status. Additionally, certain individual events are included in PBE to help players identify a place to play and to provide them with an objective way to earn AJGA status for future summers. The PBE also includes many non-AJGA summer events. Each State Junior Championship is recognized as well as several national qualifying events.

Players can also earn status at qualifiers conducted by the AJGA each week of an open event. Along the way, players will build their competitive golf resumes and begin to gain exposure among college coaches. Remember that all tournaments matter to coaches and most tournaments, based on PBE, can help you gain AJGA status.

My suggestion for current high school students is to use the AJGA PBE as a road map to help develop a tournament schedule that will ultimately create exposure for you among several, quality college programs. The AJGA remains an excellent venue for you to achieve your college placement goals.

Start planning today!

Coach Brooks
Red Numbers Golf®

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