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What Should I Say When Calling a Coach to Decline a College Offer?

Coaches understand not all recruits will accept.

The great news is you have multiple offers to attend various colleges and participate on their respective golf teams, potentially as a scholarship student-athlete. But now you have to decide which school is best for you, and then you have to let the other coaches know you will not be accepting their offers. This sounds like a tough call to make, but in reality, it is something coaches hear frequently, and in most cases, the call goes extremely well.

First, once you have made a college decision and spoken to that coach to ensure all things are in order with your admissions application, scholarship, etc., it will be time to call the other coaches who recruited you to let them know of your recent decision. Confirm with the coach you are committed to that it is the right time to make these other calls.

Email or text the other coaches in advance of the calls to set up a good time to talk. Ask for 10 to 15 minutes of their time and plan accordingly. Once you reach them on the phone, there are several key points to cover:

  • Thank them for their time and effort recruiting you.
  • Let them know what you liked about their school and team.
  • Explain that it was a difficult decision, the biggest one so far in your life
  • Tell them, at the end of the day, you thought _________ was the best college fit for you.
  • Wish their team all the best, and mention you look forward to seeing them at a future event

If you follow these suggestions and speak with each coach on the phone, I know they will appreciate you informing them of your decision, and I expect them to wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

Just as a reminder, do not text, email, or leave a voicemail with your college decision. You do need to speak live to the coach. Also, do not have someone else (parent, coach, trainer, etc.) make the call for you.

Once you have made these calls, you will be able to focus on the school you have committed to and enjoy that decision. Again, congratulations on earning multiple college golf offers (roster positions and scholarships).

Play well!

Coach Brooks
Red Numbers Golf®

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