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Clay Seeber

2017 US Junior - Flint Hills National


US Junior Amateur
AJGA Heather Farr - Runner Up
SCPGA Tour Cup Championship - 3rd Place


AJGA Junior All-Star - Nike - Medalist
SCPGA Tour Cup - 4 wins

We sat down with this multi-sport talented athlete at the US Junior Boys in Kansas this past July.

Weíre with Clay Seeber here at the US Junior Amateur and we usually do not start an interview by asking about a playerís round, but we took a look at that scorecard. You shot 42 -31 today in the first round of qualifying. Letís talk about that front nine, back nine.

To be honest it wasnít much different. I did not hit the right club on a couple of holes and paid for it really. I got quick a little bit and got flustered. I was fine after I settled down and relaxed. I went birdie, birdie to start the back nine and that calmed me down a little bit.

So you shot 31 against a par 35 on the back and that had to put a spring in your step.

Yes it did especially after I birdied 10 and 11. I just was not committed to a couple of shots on the front and got into trouble. I felt like that on a couple of holes and paid for it.

Well congratulations. Well done

Thank you.

So how about some miscellaneous questions so people know a little about you personally. Favorite subject in school?


Least favorite subject?


Really? They are usually paired together.

I know but not for me. I took Chemistry last year and itís all math related but I donít knowÖuh uhÖ not for me.

Tell us about your family. Brothers? Sisters?

I have four brothers, two sisters. All out of the house. All a lot older. All in college or onto their career.

Does that mean you have a choice of any bedroom?

We donít live in a big house any more so not really.

How did you get introduced to golf if there are no other golfers in your family?

I used to play baseball almost since I was born until I was 12 or 13. Then my aunt had a house on a golf course Ė PGA West Stadium Course. We went up there for vacation and her kids played golf. So I took a set of their clubs and just tried it out and liked it. I went on from there.

Were you self-taught or did your parents invest in lessons for you?

I had a lesson when I was 13 but not since then. No my father did not take me to the course. He was a professional baseball player.

This is an interview of lots of firsts. First interview I have done that the parents did not play golf. All kinds of firsts.

Yup. Iím on my own.

Whatís your choice in music?

I donít really care. I listen to the top 50 pretty much and sometimes skip songs I donít like. I am not a big Justin Bieber fan. I like Pop, some rap, a little country and western. No jazz though.

Which part of your golf game is the strongest?

Definitely chipping and putting. Driving when I hit it well but then who wouldnít say that.

Biggest aspiration?

Probably playing pro golf for sure.

Where would you like to go that you have never been before?

I have never been out of the US so probably Europe or New Zealand. France perhaps.

Golf course you would like to play that you havenít?

Augusta. Thatís an easy one.

Sport you would like to play if you didnít play golf

Baseball. I have friends that play baseball, basketball, and soccer. The guys I play golf with are all in college.

Things to do for fun?

Go to the beach and playing poker.

Like, donít like, donít care Ė scary movies?

Donít like. If people want to watch scary movies Iím doing something else. I donít need nightmares. Fast and Furious is one of my favorites.

What would you friends say about you.

Probably super ďeven keeledĒ, especially on the golf course.

One junior tournament you would like to win?

I would like to win the US Junior or Sage Valley.

Any ideas about your future?

Yes I have verbally committed to UCLA.

If you could choose a career other than pro golf what couple of careers might be on your list?

These are kind of opposite but real estate or a sniper in the army.

Do you have a workout regimen? Can you tell us about it?

I go to Core Fitness, like a golf gym. I just started because I had some back problems. We are good now.

Why do you play golf?

Itís an individual sport and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Whatís the number one thing people probably donít know about you?

I am very athletic. I know that sounds bad but I have made an all-star team in baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

Thatís awesome. Congratulations. Thanks for taking the time to sit with us. Good luck tomorrow in the second round. Hope you enjoyed it

I did. Thank you