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Frankie Capan

US Junior Amateur 2016


USGA Four Ball Champion - Pinehurst
Medalist - AJGA -Ping Heather Farr


US. Junior Amateur
Medalist - US Junior Amateur Qualifier (MN) Top 10 - AJGA Thunderbird

Well not everyone is a hockey player from Minnesota. We talked to Frankie at the US Junior at the Honors Course in Tennessee and learned about him and his love for golf.

If you are from Minnesota does that mean you are a hockey player?

No sir. My Dad got me out of hockey.

So if you could not play golf what sport would you play?

I like football the most.

How long have you been playing golf?

Ever since I was able to walk basically.

So is this a golf family we are talking about?

A little bit. My Mom and Dad play some. They would not say they were good but itís fun to play with them.

Brothers and sisters?

Two sisters, one older, one younger.

Letís talk about your choice in music. Do you have an IPod? And what type of music is in your collection.

Yes on my phone and I honestly like everything. Right now I like the Illumineers sort of. Sometimes I am in to country, sometimes music from the 80ís, sometimes the new stuff.

How would your friends describe you?

Hmmm. Tough question. I would guess outgoing, Christian, and athletic. Fun to be around. Serious at times but not too serious.

How is your sense of humor and demenor? If there are tough moments on the golf course can you get by the them quickly.

Yes I think I do. You have to keep moving forward and cannot dwell on the past. You have to hit the best shot you can on the next shot. A good example is the triple I got but then I birdied two of the next three holes. I like seeing on my scorecard bogeys followed by birdies. It feels good. For me after a bogey the next shot is easier. I know that sounds strange but it does.

Yes if you donít panic. Have you ever heard of ďGolf is not a Game of PerfectĒ?

Yes itís a great book.

Did you play the USGA four ball?

Yes I did at Winged Foot. In stroke play we shot 7 under and won our first match. In our second match I made a 35 footer to send it to extra holes.

Thatís what makes it so exciting, to do something like that.

And you have a partner with you and you are always talking it up.

If you could win a tournament, any tournament what would it be?

The US Junior.

Are you a movie fan at all.

I donít watch many movies but I do like watching them.

Any particular types of movies? Scary ones?

Nope ! Not a fan. I do not like scary movies. Not for me. I like the NetFlix series like Breaking Bad and Chuck.

My wife, Porter, and I binge watched Breaking Bad over several weeks - 56 episodes.

What did you think about the ending?

Where he dies? It was ok. It seems just since what he had done. Can I ask you what role your faith plays in your golf game?

Sure. Itís mostly about being thankful to God for the opportunities you have. Just thanking him for everything even when you have a bad day. Just being thankful for being here. There are 5,000 kids who wanted to be here. Also trusting him on the course that everything is going to be all right.

If you could pick any place in the world where you could go, where would that be?

I would go to Augusta National. Maybe the week after the Masters when it is in really great shape.

If you could do anything non-golf related, what would that be?

I would want to go and tour Europe. Italy or anywhere out of North America.

Favorite subject in school?

It depends on the teacher. One year I love math because of the teacher, and the next not so much. This year I really liked English with a great teacher. It was mainly writing essays and learning sentence structure. But it was mainly because of the teacher. She was great.

Least favorite?

Probably literature. I like reading sports and golf books. Not really a Shakespeare guy.


Spanish. I took Mandarin Chinese my freshman year and it was very difficult.

Are you home schooled?

Sort of. I go to a school and do my studying on line. And I get to pick my own hours when I am there. I really liked it.

What precipitated the decision?

We alternate between Arizona and Minnesota so this gives me flexibility for school.

How do you prepare for a tournament? Do you prepare specifically for a course.?

We got to practice early for this event so we knew we had to be in the fairway and hit it to the right section of the greens. But if I know a course is tight I will work on shots off the tee.

Here is a life question for you. If there are things you would like to accomplish in life what would they be?

Let me answer with golf related things. I want to win the career grand slam. I would like to win majors if God willing I get there. Life goals? Wow. I really have never thought about it, sorry.

Donít apologize. Itís ok. I donít want you to make up an answer. What is the number one thing people do not know about you?

I am very athletic and I am super competitive. I donít know if people know that, but I am very competitive. Any sport. Any contest. I want to win.

Thatís it. Thanks for your time and sharing with us. Good luck the rest of the way.

Thank you, itís been fun.