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Riley Rennell

Scott Robertson 2015

SJGT Capital Hill Classic - Medalist
SJGT Magnolia Grove - Top 5
SJGT Hampton Cove -Top 3
The Wally - Top 5
Scott Robertson - Top 10

SJGT Tournament of Champions - Medalist
AJGA Randy Wise - Runner Up
AJGA Memorial - Top 10
AJGA MacArthur Towel - Top 5

Riley sat down with us at the Scott Robertson. Sixteen years old, Riley shared some insight to her life away from the course and her hopes for the future.

Weíre here at the 2015 Scott Robertson with Riley Renell. She just beat the rain and weíre sitting here in the clubhouse waiting for the rain to stop so she can participate in the long drive contest. Thanks for sitting down with us.

Youíre welcome. My pleasure.

To start off, tell us something people donít know about you.

Well most people know I hit it pretty far. They know I am fairly athletic but what most people donít know is that I am a fourth degree black belt in Tai Kwon Do. I also took four years of Jijitsu.

You are sophomore so you started very young.

Yes sir, I started when I was six years old. I have been doing Tai Kwon Do for 10 years.

What do you like about that? What attracted you to that sport?

My father got me into it because he felt it would be good for my overall strength, my momentum and stuff. I really started to like it when I was 10 or 11. Itís so much fun. Itís a unique sport.

Was it all girls or was it a mixed class?

Usually it was a mixed class.

So at an early age, did you learn how to beat up boys?

Yes sir I did. They are all afraid of me.

What do you think is the connection between that sport and golf? What about that made you a better golfer.

I think core strength. You have to be able to us your core for momentum in you golf swing. I think it also helps with eye hand coordination.

Speaking of hands, we see that you have band aids and tape all over them. Why is that?

I am really devoted. I really work hard. I hit balls for at least five or six hours a day. The tape is really to protect my hands, not to cover a blister. But I do get little cuts from time to time.

What is it you think you like about the game of golf the most? What draws you to the game?

My father was a golf professional so he got me into it. But Iím drawn to golf because of the life lessons you learn. Youíre going to have good times and bad times. But the good times are so great.

Guys have told us that one of the reasons they like golf is because they always have the ball.

Thatís true because you are in total control.

If you could not play golf, what sport would it be?

I really donít know because I have been devoted to golf since I was little.

How old were you when you won you first tournament?

I was six or seven and it was a US Kids event.

Letís do the favorite list thing. Favorite color?


LPGA golfer?

Lexi Thompson

Lucky number?


Favorite subject in school?

History definitely.

Least favorite?

English !

Favorite movie?

I really like the Terminator movies.

Me too, good choice.

Yes Sir.

Share with us some goals that you have.

I have tried to set some personal goals and one for me is to start on a certain day and set a total under par for the year.

Whatís your favorite part of the game?

Oh definitely driving. I like hitting that ball hard.

What tournament would you like to win?

This one because I really want a tree.

Thatís right they plant a tree and put a plaque underneath them with the winnerís name.

Yes I walked by Paula Creamerís tree. Itís something I really want.

Letís end on that note. Thanks for your time Riley.

Youíre welcome. Thank you.