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Wilson Furr

US Junior Amateur - 2014

# 1 Ranked Ė Class of 2017
Qualified Ė US Junior Amateur
Runner-up Gator Invitational

Qualified Ė US Junior Amateur
Medalist Ė Future Masters

Runner-up - AJGA Nike Golf
Junior All-Star Invitational

Medalist ĖRandy Watkins Junior Invitational

Weíre sitting here with Wilson Furr from Jackson, Mississippi and who is currently ranked number one is his class nationally on the Junior Golf Scoreboard. Tell us a little about the Furr family. Brothers or sisters?

I have a little sister and a little brother. My sister is 13 an does not play golf at all and we are trying to get my brother into it and he is beginning to. Iím the oldest in my family. My Dad plays a little golf but does not play much and mom does not play at all.

How did you come to pick up the sport?

My Dad really got into it right when I was born. He loved it and the only way he got to go was to take me.

I have heard that before. Do you play other sports?

I did until this year. I am still going to play baseball and I played quarterback in football. I loved it but I cannot play it any more.

Well if you want to be good in golf you have to give some things up. I am a fan of playing multiple sports when you are young.

I played just about everything you could play until I was 12. When I was 12 I could shoot mid-70ís pretty consistently but I would shoot that one 83 in a tournament and I knew I just wasnít putting enough time into it. So I quit basketball and I just pitched in baseball.

All three of those have something in common. You obviously have athletic ability and as quarterback all eyes are on you. As a pitcher, everyone is watching, And in golf itís all about you and your score.

Yes sir, thatís why I love golf. If it goes bad itís all your fault. When you walk by the scoreboard its your name up there and no one else can screw you up.

Is that what got you interested in golf.

Yes sir, I think so. In football you can have the best game of your life and still lose. I donít know. I guess itís the challenge. Itís different every time you play. Thatís what I guess made me so interested in it. And I am super competitive.

Does that get in your way sometime do you think?

It used to. But I feel the last year or so that I learned to channel it and it has helped me more.

If you couldnít play golf what would you do.

Oh I would definitely go fishing ! I am a huge fisherman. I fish all the time. I will go to the course at 8, leave at 6:30 (PM) and go straight to the lake. We have a lake two miles from our house. There are bass in the lake so thatís mainly what I fish for.

If you had your group friends here and I spoke to them. What adjectives would they use to describe you?

First of all the know nothing about golf. So they donít know that side of me too well.

So what do they know about you? Are you a practical joker or a video game maven?

No I hate video games. I sit and watch them and make fun of them. Itís all virtual and has no impact on anything. But we basically hangout and play pickup baseball or football.

Tell us a little about your golf game.

When I was younger I hit the ball way better than when I chipped and putted. Today I donít think there is a real strength to my game. There is not one side that is glaringly better.

If something goes south in your round what is it most likely to be.

Staying focused. If I hit a few bad shots, then my mind isnít where it should be. I need to work on not mentally giving up.

What one tournament would you want to win.

The US Junior. Itís such a major and it has been here for so long.

Have you played this event before?

Yes sir, I played last year and won my first match. I was four down after seven in that match. Thatís where I felt my competitiveness helped me. Fought my way back. Hit it to tap in range on 17 and went one up. Then we tied 18. It was great. I love match play, it is so good. You can lose in the first round or win and go all the way. Itís almost a whole different sport. You are focused on beating that guy and not the whole field. I think that helps me a whole lot. It keeps you more in it mentally.

Besides being personally responsible for your game, what else do you like about golf?

Well you get to go to some great places and it has opened so many doors for me. I also like how it is not fast paced. You do not have to make quick decisions. You have plenty of time.

Bob Rotella talks about composure, confidence, and concentration in his book, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. Would concentration be your biggest opportunity?

Maybe not. I concentrate but sometimes on the wrong thing. I can concentrate on hitting a golf shot but that might not be the right shot. I sometimes need to think more about whether thatís the right choice. I need to step back and weigh out my options and pick the right one.

Tell us a little about school. What subjects do you like or are you good at?

Itís kind of like my golf game, no one subject is stronger than another. I donít care much for English. I can speak it, thatís about it.

You have a summer reading list? Where are we with that?? How many books do you have to read?

I think its three but I havenít started yet.

Wilson you have all that car time. Good place to get it done !

I am more of a sleeper (Laughter). I really like history. And science too.

How do get ready for a tournament?

With my instructor. Three days a week a group of us meet at 8AM. At first, we donít hit balls but do slow motion swings and other drills. Then after an hour or so we chip and putt. Then we play ďGet OutĒ which is a competitive game. Whoever does best gets to leave then the rest go through the drill again and you donít want to stay. Itís pretty nerve racking but it helps out on the course. We have other drills but all of them have some sort of ďpressure at the endĒ One of those is 10 putts from six feet in a circle around the hole and you have to make the last one twice.

Well thank you. It was fun to talk about golf and fishing and your family a little. Play well tomorrow. Thanks very much for the interview.

I appreciated it. Thank you.