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Adam Wood

US Junior Amateur - 2013


Runner-up Rolex Tournament of Champions


Champion - AJGA Polo
Champion - Western Junior


Champion - Hoosier Junior Boys Championship
Champion - AJGA - Stonehedge Junior
Champion - Indiana Boys State Junior Championship

A senior in high school and verbally committed to Duke, we sat down with Adam at the 2013 US Junior Amateur Championship in Truckee, CA.

Well letís start Adam, by talking about your family, where you live, etc. That kind of information.

Well I live in Indianapolis. I have a little brother who is on the bag this week. He is already taller than me. My parents are tall though. My mom is six foot and Dad is 5í10Ē. I got Dadís genes and he got Momís. He is a good player too. He is in 8th grade but already has coaches looking at him. My dad is my only golf coach and he loves it too. He has probably seen every video and read every book out there. He knows what he is doing.

Ever tell your dad ďDad Ė too much infoĒ

Yeah, occasionally. Then my Mom doesnít play but she loves booking the hotels and making the travel arrangements. I have a pretty strong support system around me. I am pretty fortunate.

Tell us about school. Tell me about subjects you like and subjects you could do without.

I am a math and science kind of student, sort of a technical person. The English and world language part, I like world languages but am not very good at it. And English would probably be the same. Math and science are where I like to put my time but I go to a four star top public school in Indiana. I take a number of AP and honors classes and it is hard with the time golf demands and the time those AP classes demand.

How do you balance your time? Do you play on your high school team?

I do. The past three years we have made it to finals. Last year our team did not make the final day of competition since there was a cut, but I won the individual title. Iím proud of that.

How do you balance the academics and the golf?

I think I am doing a pretty good job now. Itís all about being diligent. You have to manage your time. Occasionally my parents get after me just because I want to hit too many six irons but I always want to do my best at everything. If I donít get and ďAĒ, I donít feel I am doing my best. I push myself to get that top grade. I want the academics to be good so that I can focus on the golf. I donít want to be worrying on the golf course about a project that is due.

It has been said that ďAísĒ in the classroom lead to birdies on the golf course.

Thatís true. With the time management part, it instills good habits in you. Education is a big part of growing up and that has been instilled in me by my parents. Itís the main reason why I wanted to go to a high academic institution.

Ok, let me snap my fingers and make it so golf does not exist. It never did exist and you have no memories of it. What does Adam do now?

Probably school work and basketball. Even our golf team plays basketball. My Mom went to Butler and they have done pretty well.

They play basketball in Indiana?

(Laughter) Yes I think they do. Occasionally. I played AAU basketball until ninth grade but then I went to golf exclusively. All the sports are year round with shooting practice and lifting etc. So I had to pick and size wise Iím not a huge person.

What do you do for fun?

All the guys on the golf team hang out so we go to the movies, play video games. I like action movies and occasionally comedy movies. But those horror movies Ė I canít do those. There is a new one that came out ďThe ConjuringĒÖ

Not on your list ?

No ! Oh no. If they dumb that down ten times, Iím still not there. I heard they had a pastor of church there to help kids process the movie. Thatís pretty bad if you have a minister there.

One of my favorite books is ďGolf is not a Game of PerfectĒ. It talks about composure, concentration, and confidence. Also he talks about commitment. Give yourself a grade in each area.

I give myself an ďAĒ in composure. People tell me I always look composed. I usually donít get too upset and no matter what scratch out some sort of score. As far as commitment, Iím not going to hit a shot before I am fully committed to it. I will back off if I have doubts. As to those four ďCísĒ I believe I am pretty good in all those areas.

If I asked your friends to describe you, and you were not there, what words or phrases would they use?

Serious probably. If I am on the golf course I donít like to fool around. I donít know, maybe intense? Confident would be a word they would use. I think they would say I play smart golf.

When you hear the term ďcourse managementĒ what does that mean to you?

Managing your misses. I think Gene Sarazen said ď I probably going to have seven bad shots a round.Ē So when you hit a bad shot, where are you hitting the shot? Are you hitting it where itís not going to hurt you? Or if you were going for it, and you donít pull it off, was it a good miss?

Strongest part of your game?

Off the tee. I usually am playing from the fairway which is awesome. Thatís the first task, you have to put yourself in position. Thatís the strongest part of my game. I work at not handing any holes away or making any mistakes.

Your record in junior golf is pretty solid.

Yes I won the Polo last November and the year before I got to the semiís of that event. I played well here too last year but just got beat by a player who was on a streak. I did not play badly, he just played better.

What other professions interest you besides golf?

Anything with numbers. Marketing analysis, accounting, things like that.

Music interests ?

Anything that is good. I do not like rap but country, rock and roll.

TV shows?

Big Bang Theory !!!!! I like that show. My Dad went to an ďall nerdyĒ school and he knew people like that so we enjoy it.

What would like your biggest accomplishment to be in golf between now and the end of college?

Walker Cup without a doubt. That would be the ultimate.

Well thanks Adam. I think people will get to know you a little.

Thank you, I enjoyed it.