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Annie Park

Scott Robertson Memorial


Medalist - HJGA Fall Classic
Runner Up - Northeast Junior Classic
Top Five - AJGA Kingsmill, New York City Championships


AJGA - Top Five - Rolex Tournament of Champions
AJGA - Top Ten - Lessings Classic
U.S. Girls Junior Amateur Qualifier

Residing in Elmhurst, NY Annie has been an up and coming player over the past several years. We caught up with her at the Scott Roberston Memorial.

Annie thank you for sitting down with us. Let's just jump right in. Tell us the what was the first tournament you won?

I won the first tournament I played in.


Yes and I still have that trophy I think.

Do you have any superstitions when you play?

Yes, there is a certain putting routine that I have to do. And I always have to clean my clubs. If I don't I start to get all anxious.

Do you have any big goals in junior golf?

I would like to win an invitational. And in a USGA event like the Junior Girls or Women's Am get into at least the semi- finals. I qualified for the U.S. Girls Junior last year and made it to match play in the Pub Links.

If the game of golf gives you something, what would you say that is?

I never really thought about that but I guess I would say not pride but close to pride? Also if i did not have golf I don't know what I would do. It keeps me working at something. Golf is my life and I do sacrifice for it.

Yes the game can take up a lot of time but you live in New York so you get snow.

I actually like snow and I like cold better than hot. To practice they have heated facilities that I hit at so I can practice.

Well hopefully we will see you at the U.S. Junior Girls. Thanks for the time you spent with us and good luck.

Thank you.