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Will Ovenden

Scott Robertson - 2008


Bobby Chapman - Top 10
U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifier
Charles Tilghman - Top Five
Western Junior - Top 10

Will has been a top junior player in South Carolina and nationally for several years. We caught up to him at the Roanoke Country Club at the 2008 Scott Robertson

Tell us Will, were you born in South Carolina?

Yes I was born in Columbia. My Dad played golf at Furman, my Mom went to Wofford, and my brother goes to USC (South Carolina). There is a little tension in the household because I am a Clemson fan so my brother and I do a little battle from time to time.

Tell us about picking up a golf club for the first time.

As I said my Dad played golf at Furman so he took me out to the course for the first time when I was little. I had this little plastic club when I was three or four.

What other sports have you played?

I played just about everything, baseball, basketball, golf, football. Just stopped playing football last year and I did not play anything this year except golf. And as soon as I did that, my golf game got worse. Funny how that works.

Yes it is. Take us through the state of your golf game right now in the four areas, driving, iron play, short game and putting.

When I am struggling what usually keeps me in the round are my iron play and shortgame. My driver is the most likely to get me in trouble. Today I was not putting well and that hurt me.

A good putting round for you is?

28 or 29 putts along with 13, 14 greens.

Today the wind came up, was that a factor in missing fairways?

No, Iím a pretty good wind player. I have a medium ball flight but I can hit it low when I want too. Today I lost my confidence in my swing so the wind hurt me more than usual.

Tell us about a typical week as it relates to your golf game.

My preparation for summer starts soon. For the next three weeks I will practice three or four hours a day. Our club is closed on Monday so thatís my day off. I try to do something away from golf like swim.

Did you swim as a kid?

Yes I did. Oh, thatís a sport I left out.

.Is your practice the normal type of plan with so much time on the range, so much on the putting green?

Iím more about what needs more work. When I get home I will head straight for the putting green.

Do you have an instructor?

Yes, Todd Anderson at Sea Island. I see him once a month. I also have a hitting bay in my house with three camera angles so when Iím not hitting it well I can do some work myself. Wesley Bryan has a neat set up with two chipping greens, a place to hit wedges up to 150 yards and a driving area that is about as wide as a road. That is why he never misses a fairway.

So Will, why golf?

Itís kinda of being on your own.

Whatís your best competitive round?

65. Iíve done that a couple of times. Once when I was a kid we played the ďconeĒ tees and I shot 60 but recently 65.

When you are not playing golf what are you doing?

Right now catching up on schoolwork. Other than that hanging out with friends.

If you had one more tournament you could win what would it be?

The U.S. Junior. Or the South Carolina Menís Amateur or the Rolex.

Is there a junior player you admire for their talent?

Yes, Morgan Hoffman. I played with him a couple of times and I knew he was clearly better than me. And Wesley Bryan has the best short game I have ever seen.

What subjects in school do your like?

History is probably my favorite. I have a great history teacher and that helps.

Well that will do it. Thanks for sitting with us.

Thank you. I appreciated it.