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Jane Rah

Westfield PGA - July 2007


US Junior Girls - Qualifier
AJGA - Rolex Girls - Medalist
AJGA - Ping Woodlands - Medalist
AJGA - Rolex Tournament of Champions - Top 5
Westfield PGA - Top 10
LA City Championship - Medalist

We caught up with Jane at the Westfield PGA and sat down with her to hear about her game and other things in her life.

Right off the bat tell us about your family and where you are from.

Well I was born in Aurora, IL and we moved about seven years ago to Torrance, CA mainly for better golf weather.

When did you start playing?

When I was seven and a half. My Dad saw all the Koreans in the US Open and so I kinda took up golf. I had been doing figure skating but that took a great deal of time. And also everything is so strict in that sport. All the practice before school and your career is so short. Golf you can play all your life. I still loved figure skating but I had to pick one thing and I loved golf too. I made a choice.

So tell us about your family.

Well my Dad is a high school math teacher, my mom stays home and I have a younger brother who is ten.


Nope no pets. Don't like pets. I like horses though.

Really? Expensive pet though. Are you a "favorites" kind of person?"

No, I'll have one here and there. My favorite color is red and I'll mark my golf ball red, but I will not wear red. It has been bad luck for me. I used to be involved with the Tiger Wood Foundation and we wore Nike clothes. I did wear red at the Junior Worlds that year but I shot a big number so red is not part of my clothing any more

Tell us about tournament golf for you. What do you like about it?

Obviously when I play well I really enjoy it. But most of all it's the competition each day. Every day you have different situations, different shots you have to hit. Sometimes you'll have a bad situation and you have to deal with it. Somtimes you are in a perfect situation and you ruin it. One thing I have have learned over the years is that it's not just the results that matter but more the path you took to get there. You can't win all of them and you have to accept it and work the process. I have heard people say "well I really tried out there" and I ask "well were you not trying out there before?" (Laugh) But you can try too much too. Sometimes that causes things not to work out.

If you feel it's all process, does that mean you do not get frustrated?


Well of course I get frustrated, but you have to deal with it. But the better you deal with it, the better your results will be.

Tell us about your practice style. Do you have a regimen you follow?

That my Mom takes care of. I try to even out the time on the range, on my short game, and my putting. It may not happen that way every day, but within a week it's all evened out.

Does Mom track all that and how about on the golf course?

She tracks that somewhere I am sure but not on the golf course. She does not follow me so I keep all my stats for my coaches. They always ask.

Do you have coaches?

Yes I have a swing coach, mental coach, and a physical coach. I have a regular workout routine and I see my physical coach every two months in Palm Springs. Its all golf related workouts.

Does your mental coach have you working on anything?

Well I just started that. I have very stubborn about that since I don't like people telling me how to think. (laughs) He helps me stay in the process and away from the results.

Bob Rotella talks about confidence, composure, and concentration. How would assess yourself on those three?

Well composure would be the best and confidence would be the weakest. I don't really doubt myself, but there is a slight edge that I could definitely be better.

Which part of your game do you think is the best?

Probably short game, getting up and down. One of the biggest pluses in my game is making crucial par putts.

Luck and skill in the game? How would you break it down?

70% skill, 30% luck. You cannot be lucky all the time. You need the skill to back it up.

Any special practice before a tournament?

If I know the course I will work on certain areas of my game that I know I will need. That's about all.

Preshot routine?

It's pretty quick. If you're not looking you might miss it. It is something I am working on but I keep it simple, yardage, club, target, go.

Do you think about winning a tournament on the course? Or how you are doing overall?

Not really. I mean the last day I make sure to keep myself in a position to win. Last year was tough and I strugglesd more. I made AJGA All American but 2nd team. That motivated me to get back to 1st team, to work harder. I need to get back to the level where I was, to refocus and not let it go back down again.

DO you have any goals posted on the wall?

well I want to get to the LPGA and be a top player there. In junior golf I want to be competitive every week. But how I'm going to get there? I don't know.

Have you done any team sports?

Yes, some soccer but not now. Except Canon Cup and high school golf. I like doing those, they are fun. But not year round. College golf will be good too because you count the individual scores.

Well that's all we have. Thanks for your time.

No problem, thank you. I enjoyed this.